[gmx-users] inconsistent XTC/Magic number error in g_density

Alan Dodd anoddlad at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 18 00:36:42 CET 2007

yes, all programs are from the only build of gromacs on that machine.  I've subsequently installed a local version of 3.2.1 to try that, the g_density from it works fine.  So I guess maybe it's not the xtc after all?

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Alan Dodd wrote:
> g_density produces an error every time I try to run it on two of my trajectories at frame 0 - magic number for one, and a ridiculous number of atoms for the other.  Oddly, every other program I've used (trjcat, trjconv, g_covar, g_dist, etc etc) is perfectly happy with the files, and gmxcheck also produces a happy-looking output.  Any clues what the problem could be?  You'd think as it uses the same code (xtcio.c) for reading xtc's for all analysis, they'd all either succeed or fail...
> g_density:
> Reading frame       0 time    0.000   -------------------------------------------------------
> Program g_density, VERSION 3.3.1
> Source code file: xtcio.c, line: 233
> Fatal error:
> Frame contains more atoms (1865562167) than expected (42549)
> gmxcheck:
> Checking file trjcatted.xtc
> Reading frame       0 time    0.000
> # Atoms  42575
> Precision 0.001 (nm)
> Last frame      60000 time 45000.000
> Item        #frames Timestep (ps)
> Step         60001    0.75
> Time         60001    0.75
> Lambda           0
> Coords       60001    0.75
> Velocities       0
> Forces           0
> Box          60001    0.75

Is your g_density from the same build as the other programs?

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