[gmx-users] Re: Conversion of gromacs parameters to AMBER parameters

naga raju nagaraju_cy at yahoo.co.in
Wed Jul 4 10:45:15 CEST 2007

Dear gmx users,
                          Dear Mark thank you very much for your suggestion. I would like to do MD simulation at perticular pH. I think that in AMBER it is possible but I have some problems regarding lipid bilayer parameters. Because of this I would like to convert gromacs lipid parameters to AMBER parameters. Is any formula to convert gromacs to amber parameters. 
                                  I am able to convert gromacs file format to AMBER file format. My question is conversion of parameters (force constant, phi values, bond lenths, dihedral parameters etc..)
                                 Any suggestion is appreciated.
                                                  Thank you in advance.
                                                                                        with regards,
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