[gmx-users] genion - hangs up

Rigden, LucianeVMello Luciane.Rigden at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Jul 18 16:53:08 CEST 2007

Dear all,

I am having problem with genion.
I have already search the gmx archive, and got the following message:

While using genion with -np 3, i get 2 lines of Replacing sol. xxx with Na and it hangs up. With -np 1 it works fine and replaces 1 SOL with Na. I thought it might be my system, so went to /tutor/speptide, but it was the same behaviour. I am using gromacs 3.3.1. As I recall genion worked fine under 3.2.

I am wondering if this problem has already been fixed for version 3.3.1 and if a update for that is available.
Is the only solution go back to 3.2?

David van der Spoel has replied saying:
there is a problem compiling gromacs using gcc 4.x that may cause this. see a recent bugzilla entry about it.

any further help on that?

Many thanks in advance,

Dr Luciane Vieira de Mello                
School of Biological Sciences		  
Room 2.20, Life Science Building
Tel:(+44) 151 795 5140
FAX:(+44) 151 794 5130
University of Liverpool
Crown St.,Liverpool L69 7ZB, U.K.

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