[gmx-users] limitations in the umbrella sampling

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>From: Seungho Choe <choesh at umich.edu>
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>Subject: [gmx-users] limitations in the umbrella sampling
>Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2007 17:33:38 -0500
>Dear all,
>In the manual, it says :
>If a group contains part of a molecule of which the bondlengths are 
>constrained, the results may be unreliable.
>I'm a little confused.
>Let's think of the following two cases (A: the reference group, B: a group 
>which will be pulled) :
>1) A(partially constrained)  + B (no constraints)
>2) A(no constraints) + B(partially constrained)
>Does it mean that both pmf calculations are not reliable ? Should I use the 
>free energy code for both cases ?
>Any comments would be appreciated.
>Thank you.

If you read the manual more carefully you can see that this
restriction only applies to constraint pulling, not umbrella pulling.


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