[gmx-users] reaction field kappa and ionic strength

Daniela S. Mueller d.s.mueller at rug.nl
Fri Mar 23 15:24:02 CET 2007

dear all,

there are errors in the code regarding 1) the equation for kappa, which 
is used for the reaction field method; and 2) in the calculation of the 
ionic strength.

1) in rf_util.c kappa is calculated as
*kappa  = sqrt(2*I/(EPSILON0*eps_rf*BOLTZ*Temp));

but the factor 2 in the square root is only correct if the sum in the 
ionic strength I is actually divided by 2, which it isn't. so the factor 
2 should be omitted.

2) in force.c the ionic strength is (among others) calculated by summing 
the absolute values instead of the squares of the charges.
zsq += fabs(q);
this is only correct for monovalent charge groups.

@developers: these errors have been remarked previously on the mailing 
list. as it is not mentioned in the bugzilla, i thought i can bring it 
up again... can you correct this in the code for the next version please?


best regards,


Daniela S. Mueller

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