[gmx-users] solvent insertion analysis

cfgauna at lab.cricyt.edu.ar cfgauna at lab.cricyt.edu.ar
Wed Apr 30 14:26:37 CEST 2008

Hi all:
I´m using gromacs version 3.3.2 and a box type truncated octahedron.
I need to analyze hydrogen bonds with solvent (water)insertion but -ins
option of g_hbond is broken... What should I do?
I´ve allready tried to analyze my trayectory file (maked with 3.3.2) with
gromacs version 3.1.4 but this was the result:
Fatal error: reading tpx file (din1out.tpr) version 40 with version 24
programit didn´t work...

Please send me any suggention!


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