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> Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 17:49:29 +1100
> From: Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
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> Subject: Re: [gmx-users] Re: gmx-users Digest, Vol 56, Issue 39
> Manik Mayur wrote:
> > Hi Mark,
> > 
> > Thanks for your reply. I used tau_t=0 for the groups to which I do not 
> > wish to apply T-coupling as it was suggested in the manual. Could you 
> > please explain what did you meant by modifying tc_grps for removal of 
> > T-coupling for a certain group? As if I remove the specific group's name 
> > from the tc_grps, it gives an error saying that:
> > "X atoms are not part of any of the T-Coupling groups."
> > So what should I do now, I am really confused.
> Hmm, I must be wrong on that point.
> Now that I think about it, to decouple a thermostat requires a very 
> *large* time constant tau, so if grompp requires T-coupling on all atoms 
> or none, then the way to do what you want is to use a ridiculously large 
> value of tau - say 10^20.
> Mark

Using tau_t=0 to not couple a group was an option
in all previous Gromacs versions.
I forgot about this when adding the check for small tau_t.
I will fix this for 4.0.3.

For the moment you can use tau_t=0 with the -maxwarn 1
option of grompp.


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