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Mon Dec 29 18:16:14 CET 2008


I think what you want is to build a 2-way SMP platform with two 4core CPU(it seems you confused Core2 Duo with Quad).Two server CPU and a server mainboard is you need,XEON 5400 series and mainboard based on intel 5000 chipset is a good choice. Don't consider the CPU for desktop,it cannot work in SMP mode and incompatible with process-socket of server mainboard.

A single core i7 process system is another good choice,after a slight overclock it may offer the same performance,but cheaper than 2-way XEON platform and easier to build and maintain by yourself.

For visualizing MD,a lower middle class nVidia/ATI video card is enough,nearly all of them works well in Fedora.Newer version of Fedora always offer better compatibility for new hardware.

         --Lu Tian

> Hi!!!
> I have a question about computing platform. My primary idea
> is as follows...
> Could I install two Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs (each with  4 
> cores , such as
> Core 2 Q9500) in one main board, just like a PC? It is
> appropriate  for
> computer simulation?  What about  its computing stability?
> We choose VMD to visualize the result of the molecular
> dynamics simulation.
> What display card can be used well in Fedora 8 Linux?
> Is there any additional advice to me for disposing
> computing platform?
> Thanks a lot!!!
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