[gmx-users] Re: merging two trajectory files

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Fri Feb 29 12:36:30 CET 2008

alkasrivastava at iitb.ac.in wrote:
> Hi
> i have carried out simulation for 6 ns which stopped after 3 ns due to
> some problem, i further continues from that point of time to the final
> time. now i want to see the trajectory as a whole combining these two
> trajectories but by applying
> trjcat -o complete_full.trr full.trr full1.trr
> i am getting an error message like this
> Don't know what to do with more than 1 output file if  not demultiplexing
> could any one suggest me what to do. how to combine two trajectory files.

See trjcat -h. Your (multiple) input files need a flag (maybe -f, I 
don't remember) before them so that trjcat understands what you want to 
do with those files. For another purpose trjcat permits you to use 
multiple output files, and your command line above looks like one for 
that purpose.


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