[gmx-users] Re: The number of PME nodes

Yang Ye leafyoung at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 23 16:08:25 CEST 2008

Carsten Kutzner wrote:
> Hi Xuji,
> xuji wrote:
>> Hi Carsten:
>>     First, thanks for your reply.
>>     Second, someone in the mailing-list said:"Please cut of your email 
>> from the digest. It confuses people." And it seems that there's no other 
>> people that is interest in this topic. So I think it's maybe better we 
>> discuss this problem in private email.
> I think Yang Ye simply meant that you should choose a meaningful subject -
> not "Re: [gmx-developers]". I also forward this to the users mailing list,
> which is the best place for this discussion.
Hi, Xuji

I hope you also subscribed to gmx-user.

First, you shall know that mailing list is not only meant to solve your
own problem but to leave an archive for other users to take as
reference. Many other subscribers may not reply but they are keeping an
eye on the outcome of the thread.

Second, what I meant in "cut" is when you draft a reply, you shall
tailor the original mail and your reply to make your reply relevant to
one paragraph and one sentence. It is alright to remove the points that
you don't reply because the archive will have all mails in one thread.
What you did is to include the whole digest, a bundle of mails, which
includes mails not originated from your mail together. This is not a
good practice.

Towards your problem, I hope that you follow what Carsten wrote. On top
of it, I am aware that you used CVS version, it would be good to take
latest stable versions like 3.3.3 and do scaling test.

Lastly, when you reply this mail, make sure that you only write to
gmx-users at gromacs.org. I am already subscribed to this list.

Yang Ye

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