[gmx-users] anyone knows how to install grace?

wang kelvin wangkelvin64 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 07:37:24 CEST 2008


I want to use grace 5.1.9 (normally xmvgr). each time i do installation
using " ./configure", it prompts motif not found .

So i tried to find free softare openmotif (it can do the same work as
motif). Having successfully installed openmotif , the grace installation ,
however, still tells me motif not found .
Gromacs 's web page proposes lesstif can also do as motif , so i downloaded
lesstif and installed it succefully , but grace prompted modtif not found
once again.
BTW: my OS is Fedora core 8

Can anyone give a good idear of installing grace..
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