[gmx-users] procedure for creating an S-S bridge

Mon Mar 3 11:14:09 CET 2008

So, from the explanation made within table I understood that after selecting -ss option, I would see the type of cys as CYS2 in the constructed .gro file as well as in the .top file since the CYS2 name appears in the 8 th and 9 th columns and they are described as the new name for residue A and residue B.

So, I should perform a preliminary simulation in order to make the corresponding cysteine residue within the cutoff?

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> Thank you Mark, but I am a little bit confused.
> In the link you sent to me,
> http://wiki.gromacs.org/index.php/specbond.dat, the disulphide bond is
> described in the specbond.dat file (in the first line). However, the
> following sentence is written under the given table:
> "To describe new possible special bonds, such as disulfides, so that
> pdb2gmx can generate them for you, you should add new lines similar to
> these example lines, and update the counter in the first line. "
> So, I understood that the description made within the table does not
> describe the Cys-Cys bond. Then, what does it represent?

What do you think the second line of the file describes?

> After I used the pdb2gmx with -ss option, the type of Cys is given as CYSH
> in the .gro file.

... and the pdb2gmx output doesn't report making a special bond, and using
pdb2gmx without the -ss option produces the same output. Your conclusion
here is...?

> So, which one is true?
> Additionaly, I think, this type of information is not enough to create a
> disulphide bond. My cysteine residues are not directed to each other for
> making a Cys-Cys bond. So, what types of steps do I have to follow ? There
> are papers, of course, in which these types of bonds are made, but the
> description is not made properly.

See the final line of the specbond.dat page. You'll need to change your
input structure. Think about distance restraints and a preparatory MD


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