[gmx-users] course grain model for DNA

He, Yang yang.he at mavs.uta.edu
Tue Nov 25 20:36:55 CET 2008

Hi all users,

when I am using the gromacs to simulate the course grain model for DNA, it seems that the software doesn't recognize my force field file. I have included all the bond and non-bond parameters in the bon.itp and nb.itp file.

During my simulation , I found that the base pair for C-G which first are in the balance distance always repel from each other so I try to increase the value of epsilon to increase the dispersion between this pair but it still did not work and the pair still  repelled  from each other after the simulation .

Then I tried like this "   ;  Gb2  Cb2  1          0.000194e10   0.00217e4 " in my nb.itp file,  I found that the simulation can still be carried on and the simulation result is the same for this base pair.

So ,I got confused about this phenomenon . Can anyone of you give me some suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


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