[gmx-users] .pdb to .gro => the atoms are not conneced with VMD

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VMD uses a heuristic method to know if some atoms are connected. Sometimes the method fails. To be sure (and see) the atoms are well connected in VMD, you need to provided a psf file with your pdb/gro in VMD. So in your case you gro files is correct (since you indicated that your system are correct). An alternative see you gro in other software in pymol to confirm. 

I hope it helps 



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Today's Topics:

   1. PR after minimisation and PR of missing residues? (minnale )
   2. .pdb to .gro => the atoms are not conneced with VMD
      (Chih-Ying Lin)


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From: "minnale " <minnale_gnos at rediffmail.com>
Subject: [gmx-users] PR after minimisation and PR of missing residues?
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Hi all,
  I have two doubts on PR, may be these are trivial to you.

1.According to Gromacs procedure(from Gromacs tutorial) the sequential steps are (a)Energy minimisation (b)Position restrain with force constant descendant manner and finally (c)production. Here my doubt that, is it require to do energy minimisation between PR and production? because after PR the system equilibrating properly if do one minimisation the structure looses bad contacts with low energy, am I right?  

2.If my desire protein contain some missing residues(from PDB)rectified those residues by using INSIGHT-II. Later start simulations particularly at PR, is it require to keep restrain specifically on added missing residues or whole protein residues in .itp file?      

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thanks in advance.
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Subject: [gmx-users] .pdb to .gro => the atoms are not conneced with
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I make .pdb file to .gro file.

With the VMD, the atoms are seen NOT conneced.

Is there any possible errors in my .gro file?



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