[gmx-users] Re: modify bondfree.c and recompile

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 22 17:29:14 CEST 2008

Jian Zou wrote:
> Hi Mark, David and Bess,
> Thank you all for the suggestions.
> I know the dependency has to be somewhere in the Makefiles or the
> files they include but I cannot find it. What I am doing is simply
> "make" under top-level source directory followed by make install. In
> this case, the content of all the files (except the RC files) under
> bin and lib will be rebuild and differ from the previous build, even
> from the same source.

Great. So what's the problem?

> Berk told me to do "make" in src/gmxlib. I checked the top-level
> Makefile and the the rules for "make mdrun" is "make" under
> src/gmxlib, src/mdlib and src/kernel, so it seems for my case "make
> mdrun" then "make install-mdrun" should be enough to update the
> binary, but how about the library?

The libraries needed for building static executables (or running if you 
enabled shared libraries) are all built in the usual make manner in 
response to a top-level "make". You could have verified this by looking 
at the timestamps.


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