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rr> Hi Vitaly Chaban,
rr> The calcualted value of velocity autocorrelation function is 5.8*10^ -8 (momentum auto correlation function is 0.99279 and the protein mass is 4121.209 gm/mol). The resulting velocity auto correlation function will be in A^2/ps^2. If I devide this by a factor of 3, I will get the diffusion constant as 1.9 * 10^ -8 A^2/ps^2 which is nothing but 1.9 * 10^ -4 m^2/s^2. But the time factor in mean square displacement should be in m^2 sec^-1. Did I missed any thing here ? 
rr> Ram.
I've no time for exact recalculation now. My notes tell that the resulting integral value should be divided by M(mol)*M(mol)*1.66*1.66*10e-3.
1.66 and 10e-3 is from transformation from amu to kg.

No 1/3 is needed.


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