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Florian Dommert dommert at fias.uni-frankfurt.de
Sun Sep 7 13:24:55 CEST 2008

On 06.09.2008, at 22:28, Vitaly Chaban wrote:

> Hello,
> Where can I read about the exact format of the TRR and XTC files. I
> mean the width and type of every field in the binary trajectory file.
> I see read_'next_frame(status,&fr)' function in 'template.c'. But
> where is this fuction defined?
> Sorry, I'm not an expert in C. :(


if you have problems, finding appropiate header files for the  
functions of gmx, you can perhaps use a development environment like  
Eclipse, Source-Navigator, KDevelop, Anjuta depending on your flavour  
and operating system.
This programs index all the functions in a specified project and you  
can look up their definitions by request without searching the files  
of the complete src-code.
It is hard to rank the different programs due to their various  
capabilities and your requirements.
Eclipse Ganymed is a special C/C++ Development environment and  
accesible for every OS. Furthermore it is modular and you can also  
advance it to a MATLAB-like enviroment including the PyDev module and  
using python modules like numpy and scipy. It is also capable of  
accesing CVS trees directly. In my opinion this program package is  
flexible and helpful. Once everything is installed and configured it  
can be handled very easily.
The other mentioned packages are Red-Hat, KDE, and GNOME development  
environments. However as I mentioned at the end it is a question of  

Best Regards,


> Thanks.
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