[gmx-users] Changing gmx_msd.c

Jennifer Williams Jennifer.Williams at ed.ac.uk
Fri Jul 17 18:12:40 CEST 2009

Hi gmx_users,

I am trying to use NEMD to get transport diffusion coefficients.

I am adding an acceleration to my atoms in the z direction and then I  
need to calculate this quantity:

1/t <  ? [r(t) ? r(0)] >

My plan was to alter the code that calculates the MSD (gmx_msd.c  
located in src/tools). This calculates;

1/t < 1/N. ? [r(t) ? r(0)]^2 >

I presumed that all I needed to do was locate and remove the squared  
function and the division by the number of molecules (1/N).

I would also change the factor for the conversion of nm^2/ps to 10e-5  
cm^2/s since I would now be doing nm/ps to 10e-5 cm/s.

However my problem is that I have never worked with C++ so changing  
the code involved some guess-work.

For the removal of the square I did;

	r2   += rv[m]*rv[m];   >                     r2   += rv[m];   (line 252)

         r2 += r*r;             >                     r2 += r;    (line 270)

to remove the division by the number of molecules (1/N), I removed line

   g/=nx;                 (line 279)

I realise that these changes are only valid for the first case CASE  
(static_real_calc_norm), which I presumed was for the basic  
calculation invoked by this command;

g_msd ?f traj.xtc ?s md.tpr

i.e. I don?t plan on using ?pbc ?mol etc so I didn?t change the code  
for these cases. (I also realise that unless I change the code, the  
calculated error wont be valid-but I was going to worry about that  

However, the changes I made do not change the output from that of the  
original MSD code. I am using the correct, changed executable and not  
an old one (i.e I copied the compiled executable to gromacs/bin). So  
it looks like I am not changing the correct part of the code, or  
perhaps the command line g_msd ?f traj.xtc ?s md.tpr is not changing  
the case I altered?

Has anyone else changed the code for this purpose or would anyone be  
able to give me some pointers on what I need to alter in the code.  
Today is the first time I have ever looked at any C++ code (though I  
know some fortran) so please be as specific as possible :)

Much appreciated

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