[gmx-users] How to build a coarse grained model and do the simulation with Gromacs

laikanlike at 163.com
Fri Mar 6 03:18:53 CET 2009

Dear Gromacs users
I'm sorry the topic is not so clear. I have run a atomic model for a few times, and the system that I want to simulate is too large to run. Now I have to build a coarse grained model of lipid bilayer. Is there anyone who has the experience?
I've heard that one user just success in buiding his own force field file, I think that's what I should do when I buiding the model.
Here is my plan:
1. write a gro/pdb file of the model (can VMD do this?)
2. write force field file and .itp/.rtp file
What should I do next? So confused.
Is there any software could help me to do this more convenient? I've just learned Vi.
Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you for your help!
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