[gmx-users] Compiler and OS issue in gromacs

alkasrivastava at iitb.ac.in alkasrivastava at iitb.ac.in
Mon Mar 23 06:01:11 CET 2009

Hello everyone,

There is following warning given in the GROMACS home page,

WARNING: do not use the gcc 4.1.x set of compilers. They are broken. These
compilers come with recent Linux distrubutions like Fedora 5/6 etc.

Can anyone please tell me that whether the problem is only with the 4.1.x
series or with compilers of higher series also (like 4.2 or 4.3 series of
compilers)? Can we use the fedora core 10 which comes with the latest
4.3.2 series of compilers?

Also is it possible that we install 4.0 series of compiler in the
operating system with higher series of compilers and use gromacs then.

We bought a new system but that is not supporting fedora core 4 so we are
wondering which operating system should be used or if any alternative is

Kindly help me. I am i great confusion.

Thanks in advance

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