[gmx-users] some prolem about genbox genconf and editconf

Dallas B. Warren Dallas.Warren at pharm.monash.edu.au
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How are you visualizing the system?  Using VMD?  In that case, bonds are
determined by how far apart the atoms are, it guesses what the bonding
is, since a .gro file (or a pdb) doesn't have any bonding information in
it.  So what you are seeing is simply the fact you have scaled the box,
increasing or decreasing the distance between the atoms.  After a quick
EM the atoms will return to their correct spacing.


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Hi everybody,

     I have come across some problem when using genbox, genconf and
editconf try to make a box with a certain density and a certain number
of polymer chains.

First, I use genbox to have one polymer chain filled in the box without
any solvent.Then I use genconf to pile up 27 polymer chains ,after that
I use editconf to designate a density of  0.3 g/ml to attain the final
goal. When I finish it, i find that all the bond that connect the atoms
are gone and all the atoms disperse in the box.

    In another try, I first use a pdb file which contains only one
polymer chain to genconf a box with 27polymer chain, and then use
editconf to designate the density, but finally I get a box with lots of
bonds that might not present in a normal structure, like a carbon was
bonded with a 3 or 4 or even more atoms distance long and the bonds
connect with it is overcount. What is the prolem? How can I fix it? 


Thanks in advance,


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