[gmx-users] DSSP=> how to edit .eps file

Chih-Ying Lin chihying2008 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 06:40:00 CEST 2010


1. dssp -n index.ndx
=> only atom numbers of one residue in the index.ndx
=> can dssp decide the exact second structure for the only one residue
without considering other residues of protein?
=> can i get the same second structure for the residue with [ dssp -n
one-residue.ndx ] and  [dssp -n protein-main chain + H .ndx ] ?

2. The legend indicates the color of different second structure is shown
under the secondary-structure plot.
    I don't want to change the colors assigned, but one legend is
half-shown. The picture of legend is cut.
   How can I get that legend full-shown.

3. With the option
-sss         string  HE

HE = helix ?

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