[gmx-users] Re: configure error

lina zhao0139 at ntu.edu.sg
Sun Apr 4 12:38:55 CEST 2010

 Hello List,

for the record, the issue could be fixed by
regenerating the configure script with autoreconf version 2.13
(on a Debian (Squeeze) box).


 > Hello everyone,
 > I tried to install gromacs on another cluster, after this,
 > ./configure \
 >  --enable-shared \
 >  --enable-single \
 >  --enable-mpi \
 >  --program-suffix=_mpi \
 >  --enable-gsl
 > there is a problem showing like this:
 > gromacs checking size of void*... configure: error: cannot compute
 > sizeof (void*)
 > the fftw has been installed successfully, and also gsl, but I do not
 > know why this happened? Some library, how can I fix this problem?
 > First, find the problem. Work out which of your configure options is 
 > causing the problem by omitting them systematically. Look in
 > for more information about the error that is occurring. 
 > Mark


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