[gmx-users] Problem with g_density

prithvi raj pandey pandeyprithviraj at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 16:45:56 CEST 2010

Dear gmx-users,

I have generated 40ns trajectories for DPPC bilayer - water system. The
whole 40ns was generated in small trajectories and finally I concatenated
all the small trajectories to a big 40 ns trajectory using the following
options in trjcat

trjcat   -f   -o   -settime   -tu

Now the problem is when I am trying to plot partial density along the
bilayer - water interface axis (i.e. Z) using the big trajectory  for
different groups (e.g., water,DPPC etc.), density for water comes around 150
kg/m^3. But for any of the small trajectories the value is ok (i.e. around
1000). The plots were done using the folloing tool

   g_density   -f    -o   -n   -s  -d Z

Can anyone help?

Prithvi Raj Pandey
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