[gmx-users] Is PME related to nslist??

Joonho Lee lee263 at illinois.edu
Fri Apr 16 02:47:19 CEST 2010

Dear all,
I am a little bit confused about electrostatic force calculation 
and need some clarification about PME.
I normaly use PME for electrostatic force 
and rlist(=rcoulomb) is the parameter for real-space calculation.
As you know, rlist is related NS and nstlist (the neighbor list update frequency). 
If I set nstlist=10, the neighbor list does not change between successive NS. 
Q : In the real-space calculation procedure of PME, 
     are the particles in the neighbor list only considered?? 
If it is, when a new particle comes into the rlist, 
the PME calculation does not reflect the change until the next neighbor list update.

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