[gmx-users] Histrionic answers doesn't help!

Jared James Thompson thompsjj at purdue.edu
Tue Apr 20 06:36:26 CEST 2010

Unfortunately Jhony, many users want a "black box" solution that magically 
makes answers appear without any grind. Few members in this community have the 
kind of time required to provide these solutions. Mark's reply was somewhat 
justified by the nature of the question.


Quoting Jhony Tolengo <polymerspace at gmail.com>:

> Mark Abraham and Gareth Tribello:
> Because of your embarrassing answers (this is abuse!) to mailing list users,
> many of them simply will choose other sotware than Gromacs to simulate
> systems.
> For you health, please don't reply, take both an anxiolytic of any kind or
> take vacations!
> Peace.
> J.M.S.

Jared James Thompson
Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Laboratory for Computational Drug Design and Biology
Heine Pharmacy Building
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