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Dallas Warren Dallas.Warren at monash.edu
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Never used g_convar, but this is very simple for you to answer, what
does convar.dat contain?  Open, have a look.  If it is data arranged in
columns, then g_analyze will be able to process it.  Why don't you try
using g_analyze on the file and see what happens?  Try and see for
something as simple as this is far better and faster than sending an
emailing to the list and having to wait a day for a response.


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In manual g_analyze reads an ascii file and analyzes data sets, in which
input file was graph.xvg. To generate eigenvector and eigenvalue file I
have used g_covar and analyzed eigenvectors by g_aneig. So according to
manual input file should be an ascii file, is it covar.dat file
generated by g_covar. But in actual it needs some graph.xvg file, which
file is this .xvg file should be taken for input.


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