[gmx-users] Re: error: Cannot compile and link MPI code with mpicc

Sarath Kumar bskumar.tech at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 14:36:47 CET 2010

S, I agree that MPI environment is to be configured,
this hostfile or the hosts can be defined in mpirun options.

mpirun --hostfile or mpirun --host

eg: mpirun –hostfile my_hostfile –np 4 a.out,  mpirun –host
Host1,Host2,Host3,Host4 –np 4 a.out

mpi will use the hosts of this file Which can be used after the installation

I suggested the yum installation,bcoz It will resolve the mpi libraries in
the dependencies.

This hosts option is available in Lam-mpi also as Lamboot -v hostfile., then

In MPICH2, this MPI environment can be initialized by mpdboot hostfile. then
mpirun, mpdrun

every mpi can have a hostfile to initialize it after it properly installed.
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