[gmx-users] Re: Protein carbohydrate interaction simulation

Tsjerk Wassenaar tsjerkw at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 22:39:25 CET 2010

Ooh, this is just too funny :)

>> Its me, Pawan.

Hi Pawan!

>> Dont post questions like these in the forum.
>> Say to people that u did any ground work for what u want to study in.
>> Like what all ppaers u got, what exactly u want to work in and what is ur
>> control study and all that.
>> If u will ask generally then u will hardly get any proper suggestions from
>> the gromacs biggies.

So, can you disclose your list of biggies? Everybody's interested to
see whether he made it or not, except for Justin who already knows.
Oh, and adding to your advice, it also helps to write clear and close
to correct english, like using  you and you're in stead of u and ur.

>> There is this guy in Gromacs list called as Justin Lemkul. Try mailing him
>> for details.

This is really like talking to somebody about somebody in abstract,
with the person standing next to you! You wouldn't think that Justin
or any of the other biggies (hey, is there a hint of jealousy? :p)
wasn't reading these mails, would you?

> Please do not advertise me as a help service.  I am usually willing to help
> out with public posts to the forum, but will not respond to private emails
> unless it is directly related to my work.

But then there is a serious note to it all. It is close to sin to
write gromacs related questions that are not specific to a person's
work to someone in person. First, none of the people on this list is a
helpdesk or personal teacher, and second, by keeping discussions from
the list, you keep them from being archived, disallowing others to
learn from your questions.

If you want really good advice on how to get people to answer your
mails, better read:




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