[gmx-users] charmm, cmap and gromacs 4.1

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Hi Stefan,

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> I wanted to use charmm forcefield on gromacs (am using 4.07) but when I try
> using this forcefield gromacs tells me that there is a problem with CMAP. I
> read that gromacs 4.1 is coming with charmm forcefield as well. If that is
> true, when is gromacs 4.1 coming and how can I use charmm FF with gromacs
> for now?
The code supporting CHARMM is in git master (see http://www.gromacs.org/Developer_Zone/Git/Git_Tutorial) and will, as you say, be included in version 4.1. Download CHARMM force filed files v1.1 from http://www.dbb.su.se/user:bjelkmar/ffcharmm. They will, of course, also be included with 4.1. 

Actually, I got the notification yesterday that a paper describing this implementation will be published in JCTC.

> Would it be better to wait for gromacs 4.1?
There might be some minor changes until 4.1 but the current (CHARMM-) code (in git master) is tested and is working well. Once version 4.1 is released I would recommend you to update to that version. 

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