[gmx-users] Lipid parameters for GROMOS96 force fields

Krzysztof Mlynarczyk mitomaster at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 02:17:12 CET 2010


On Peter Tieleman's website we can find topologies for various popular
lipids. However those seem to be valid for the deprecated GROMOS87 force
field. The g96_lipids.itp file is still unavailable. I'd like to run a
simulation of 7TM protein embedded into POPC membrane. G43a2x seems to be a
reasonable choice for this purpose. I still need the parameters for my
lipids. I am aware that combining parameters from different force fields
might lead to a disaster, that's why I want to ask you:
1. Do you know any papers where POPC membrane and G43a2 force field was
2. If not, is there any way to derive the proper parameters for the force
field of my choice using the lipid parameters from Peter Tieleman's website
or e.g. the parameters published by Andreas Kukol for G53a6?

Thank you in advance,
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