[gmx-users] Re: Step 6 of lysozyme tutorial

Justin A. Lemkul jalemkul at vt.edu
Sat Jan 30 17:51:39 CET 2010

bharat gupta wrote:
> here is the link for that tutorial ...

What link?

> and one more thing  I wanna ask that in the tutorial he has asked to
> download to .mdp file (like ions.mdp) . My doubt is .. I should know
> the theory for creating such files for the system of my study ..

That's what the manual is for - 326 pages of things you need to know about MD 
simulations and how to use Gromacs effectively.

You still have yet to provide the command line that you are issuing that 
generates the error you're seeing and thus you won't get a resolution to the 
problem aside from, "You're probably not following directions."


> Bharat


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