[gmx-users] Regarding masses in Martini force field

George Khelashvili gek2009 at med.cornell.edu
Fri Nov 12 03:35:36 CET 2010

Dear users,

I am relatively new to Martini force fields and the fact that masses of 
all the coarse grained beads are set to a same value (72amu) somewhat 
bothers me. I was wondering what influence may this have on the process 
of spontaneous lipid aggregation into different phases? I read that it 
will generally influence the kinetics of the process, but how about the 
actual final outcome? Should I expect that the correct phase of 
lipid/water mixture will be formed in the appropriate region of the 
phase space using default parameters? Or some tuning of the parameters 
is still needed?
I would appreciate your comments on this.

Thank you,

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