[gmx-users] g_hbond on concatenated trajectory

Carla Jamous carlajamous at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 12:05:26 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

please I need some help on g_hbond.

I concatenated 3 trajectories. I ran g_hbond on the concatenated trajectory.
I got the result of h_bonds.
Then I wanted to run g_hbond on each of my 3 trajectories. Here, I get a
different result, it means: if I take the first 10ps of my concatenated
trajectory and I run g_hbond on these 10ps. I get some H-bonds eg.
                                       but this same H-bond doesn't appear
in the first 10ps of my concatenated trajectory's HBmap.

Please does anyone have an idea where I might have done a mistake?

Thank you,
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