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Alan alanwilter at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 15:32:56 CEST 2010

If using links or simply copying in /usr/local/bin I don't mind, but it
would easier, at least for me, once installing gromacs from source to be
able to have the gmx bins in /usr/local/bin and, of course, be able to
uninstall all gromacs as well (and undoing links or removing copies from

Of course, I can just put another path in $PATH, although I do not prefer
this solution: one reason, I have all my scripts and testing sets looking at
/usr/local/bin. Yet, I can fix this... but oh boy. Anyway, I took this
former approach because somehow one of gmx 4.5 betas was installing gmx bin
in /usr/local/bin. I praise consistency.



On 7 September 2010 13:05, Rossen Apostolov <rossen.apostolov at cbr.su.se>wrote:

>  On 9/7/10 1:19 PM, Alan wrote:
>> I am trying release-4-5-patches and now I can see it's compiling and
>> installing. However, 'make install' puts the bins only in
>> /usr/local/gromacs/bin and I don't have (or don't find) how to 'make links'
>> or similar to have the gmx bins in /usr/local/bin.
>> I am using cmake.
> CMake doesn't have a 'make links' target yet.
> Are there a lot of people who actually use it?
> Rossen
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