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Only run pdb2gmx on a single molecule of interest, which then generates
a topology file that you can use (with slight modification) for a
simulation with a single molecule, or many.  Keep the topology to the
side and don't run pdb2gmx again.  There is no need to, you already have
the topology information for the entire molecule.  If you then add more
than one to the coordinate box, GROMACS will know from that topology how
things interact, since it is exactly the same molecule, just many copies
of it.

Then you take the coordinate file, make multiple copies of the molecule
as required, then adjust your topology file to show the correct number
of molecules.  Originally it will say 1 molecule.  If you say make a
coordinate file with a total of 8 molecules, then you will need to
change that number in the [ molecules ] section from 1 to 8 i.e.


Original .top

 [ molecules ]

Protein    1


Multiple molecule .top

[ molecules ]

Protein    8


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Were all of your termini treated correctly here?  If you pass multiple
chains to 
pdb2gmx, the potential problem is that pdb2gmx will read the entire
structure as 
one protein, thus trying to connect sequential N- and C-termini.  This
is why 
the example on the wiki is pertinent - generate a topology for a single 
polypeptide, then (in your case) change the [molecules] section to
reflect the 
fact that you're building a system with 8 protein molecules (instead of
just 1). 
  Use the pdb2gmx-processed coordinate file as input into genconf and so


I'm lost :(

I have a feeling that pdb2gmx is probably converting it to one big

Procedure at this point.

genconf -f polygly.pdb -nbox 2 2 2 -shuffle  -o did_it_work.pdb

pdb2gmx -f polygly.pdb -p polygly.top -o polygly.gro

0: GROMOS96 43a1 force field

vi polygly.top
Changed proteins to 8

At this point I have no clue what to do....

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