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> Hello,
> Imagine if the total correlation function of a protein could be
> factorized into rotational and internal portions:
> Ctot(t)=Crot(t)*Cint(t). With which commands I can calculate the Ctot(t)
> and with which I can get the Crot(t)? Does g_rotacf produce the Crot(t)?
> What does the g_rms -fit do? I am confused on how I can use gromacs
> commands on my output files. Sorry for mass of e-mails.
> Paymon

Hey, Paymon -

Do you mean the correlation function of the velocity (VACF)? Why not
to use g_velacc and g_rotacf for translational and rotational VACFs? I
suppose, your molecule is rigid (enough) for rotational velocoty to
make sense.

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