[gmx-users] RE: Metal surfaces (Sergio Manzetti)

Ran Friedman ran.friedman at lnu.se
Thu Apr 28 11:26:31 CEST 2011


That's unlikely, but maybe the following publications can help you to build the surface:

author = "Iori, F and Corni, S",
title = {Including image charge effects in the molecular dynamics simulations of molecules on metal surfaces},
journal = "J Comput Chem",
year = "2008",
volume = "29",
pages = "1656-1666"

author = "Iori, F and Di Felice, R and Molinari, E and Corni, S",
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journal = "J Comput Chem",
year = "2009",
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Author = {Kalcher, I. and Horinek, D. and Netz, R. R. and Dzubiella, J.},
Title = {{Ion specific correlations in bulk and at biointerfaces}},
Year = {{2009}},
Volume = {{21}},
Article-Number = {{424108}}

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Hello, does anybody have an idea if there are availbale PDB files which
represent metal surfaces for transition state metals, to be used for MD?



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