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David van der Spoel spoel at xray.bmc.uu.se
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On 2011-03-12 07.52, Thomas Koller wrote:
> Thanks,
> the equation for the heat capacity is:
> c(P) = delta(H(average))/delta(T(average))
> So do it have to take the fluctuations (which are listed with g_energy) of U(tot) and pV as well as of T to calculate c(P)? The problem is the delta.
> The same is with the thermal compressibility:
> a(P) = 1/V(average) * delta(V(average))/delta(T(average))
> Another question: Why should I take U(tot) and not only the potential for c(P)? The same is for the heat of vaporization, here also with U(tot)?
> Regards,
> Thomas
You need to compute the enthalpy = Etot + pV. The fluctuations in Etot 
and pV are correlated and compensate each other to some extent, and 
hence you need to sum the two first and compute the fluctuations afterward.

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