[gmx-users] g_rms & g-rmsd

mohsen ramezanpour ramezanpour.mohsen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 12:15:28 CET 2011

Dear All

I have a trajectory(.xtc) and its corresponding .tpr file:
I used the following commands separately but the results were

g_rms    -f   trajectory.xtc    -s   structure.tpr    -n index.ndx    -o
I choosed   group number 12 (drug in pulling problem) for two choose

g_rmsdist       -f   trajectory.xtc    -s   structure.tpr       -o
I choosed the group number 12

Since I didn't determine the reference for g_rms ,I expect the same
results,because both of them choose the tpr structure as the reference one.
Am I right?

Thanks in advance
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