[gmx-users] no output dgdl file

Emanuel Birru Emanuel.Birru at monash.edu
Thu Mar 24 03:55:08 CET 2011

Yeah, I am using IT and do analyse the result using another method not
bar. But I used g_bar when I was using the foreign_lambda and simulate
all in a single file. I have already sent my suspect few weeks back. 

I am a bit confused on the g_bar part, when it says -f expects multiple
dhdl files. Do we need to run still multiple independent simulations
using different foreign_lambda values? I do not see why we should run
independent simulations, if we use for couple-lambda0 and couple-lambda1
vdw-q and none respectively.

For IT I am using 4.5.3 and it is working good so far.


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Emanuel Birru wrote:
> Hi Justin,
> It good that the issue is solved. As per my experience if you want to
> a series of simulations it is not necessary to use foreign_lambda, for
> each simulation we can give different lambda values starting from 0 to
> 1( from fully interactive to non-interactive) no need of foreign_lamda

This is certainly a viable method, but it is thermodynamic integration,
not BAR. 
  The purpose of lambda/foreign_lambda is to use the BAR method.

> and certainly no need of generating dhdl.xvg to calculate FE. I think
> -dhdl is an optional it will not be generated just because
> = yes" is present. The problem with the 4.5.3 is not the problem of

It has always been my experience (in versions 3.3.3 and 4.5.3) that if
the free 
energy code is activated, this file is written.  I never specify the
file names 

> generating dhdl data by using single simulation with all
> values. The problem is with g_bar, when I tried to analyse the
> output (with all the necessary data in it) using g_bar, it doesn't
> function properly. The error is related with the source code. I guess

If you suspect a bug, you should report it.  If you don't use
you can't use the BAR method.  You're doing TI, not BAR.  They are
different, and the analysis for TI is done independently of any Gromacs

> the main advantage of using 4.5.3 to calculated FE using
> was to avoid running series of independent simulations. May be it is
> solved on the newer version 4.5.4., didn't try it yet.

Version 4.5.3 has worked just fine for all free energy calculations I
have done. 
   Perhaps BAR can be done with a single simulation and multiple
but that was not my understanding of the proper procedure (based on some
by developers a few months ago).  Multiple simulations, each at "native"
are conducted with values of foreign_lambda above and below the native
value at 
some lambda spacing (except for end points).  Invoking g_bar gives the
DeltaG over all lambda intervals according to the BAR algorithm.


> Cheers,
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> Emanuel Birru wrote:
>> Hi Justin,
>> Sure what you wrote is correct, what I am trying to tell to him is
> that
>> if he has more than one foreign lambda it is better to put all of
>> as it is not logical to use only one foreign lambda to calculate FE
> -
>> 0.1) and he doesn't have delta lambda too. -Deffnm is sure all about
> You can do a series of simulations at many values of lambda, each
> specifying 
> their own foreign_lambda.  It seems to me that this method would be
> reliable, but I have not tested simply attempting a single simulation
> with all 
> values of foreign_lambda.  Using delta_lambda is (from all that I have
> read) not 
> reliable, as there are known issues with "slow growth" methods.
>> file names but it also generate all the necessary files including the
>> xvg's without the need of using -dhdl.
> Whether or not one specifies -dhdl or -deffnm is independent of
> or not 
> dhdl.xvg (or whatever name) is written.  It is controlled purely by
> presence 
> of "free_energy = yes" in the input file.
>> I would appreciate if you come up with a new solution for him.
> As reported by the OP, this issue had been effectively solved already:
> http://lists.gromacs.org/pipermail/gmx-users/2011-March/059631.html
> -Justin
>> Cheers 
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>> Emanuel Birru wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Your foreign_lambda value is only one, please put all your lambda
>> values 
>>> separated by space and you will get the dhdl file. And make sure
>> This is not required.  You can specify as many or as few
> foreign_lambda
>> values 
>> as you like.
>>> you use -deffnm when you run your mdrun to get all the out put files
>> by 
>>> default.
>> The -deffnm flag controls the names of the files, not which ones are
>> written.
>> -Justin
>>> Cheers,
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>>> Hello,
>>> I have a little problem with FE output file. Below is the settings
> and
>>> also I am including -dgdl in the command I issue but no dgdl (or
> dhdl)
>>> file generates. I dont figure where the problem lies ! (version
>> 4.5.3).
>>> free_energy          =   yes
>>> init_lambda          =   0 
>>> delta_lambda         =   0
>>> sc_alpha             =   0.5
>>> sc-power             =   1
>>> sc_sigma             =   0.3
>>> foreign_lambda       =   0.1
>>> dhdl_derivatives     =   yes
>>> couple-moltype       =   Polymer
>>> couple-lambda0       =   vdw-q   
>>> couple-lambda1       =   none
>>> couple-intramol      =   yes
>>> nstdhdl              =   10
>>> separate_dhdl_file   =   yes
>>> dh_hist_size         =   0
>>> dh_hist_spacing      =   0.1
>>> Best


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