[gmx-users] Increasing time for simulation

Saba Ferdous saba.bsbi154 at iiu.edu.pk
Mon Nov 21 06:00:48 CET 2011

Dear Justin,

I am very sorry for a very basic question as i am beginner in Gromacs.
Kindly do tell me that how can I increase time for the simulation. like 1st
time i ran experiment on 1ns now i want to increase the time. kindly tell
me that how can I do it and also tell that for a protein complex
simulation, how much time would be enough to study the system in a good way
as you told that 1ns is very short to study such type of system.

many thanks

Saba Ferdous
Research Scholar (M. Phil)
National Center for Bioinformatics
Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad
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