[gmx-users] Visualizing g_helixorient output

Mark Abraham Mark.Abraham at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 24 03:39:26 CET 2011

On 23/11/2011 8:59 PM, NG HUI WEN wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have a follow up question from this recent post 
> http://www.mail-archive.com/gmx-users@gromacs.org/msg45736.html 
> regarding the visualization of g_helixorient output.
> According to the post, one needs to use xmgrace with --nxy to view the 
> data properly. I have not got the xmgrace program installed and am 
> just wondering if one could use programs like gnuplot (with some 
> special commands perhaps) instead?

Yes, you will be able to generate a plot. See 

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