[gmx-users] building GROMACS 4.5.4 on Power6 with CMAKE

Marcin Zielinski Marcin.Zielinski at sara.nl
Fri Sep 9 14:01:02 CEST 2011

Ok, giving -DGMX_ACCELERATE=Power6 results with:

/* Define to a macro mangling the given C identifier (in lower and upper
    case), which must not contain underscores, for linking with Fortran. */
#define F77_FUNC(name,NAME)      name ##

/* As F77_FUNC, but for C identifiers containing underscores. */
#define F77_FUNC_(name,NAME)     name ##

which, after issuing make, results with an error message at the very 
"/home/grmcs454/gromacsdir/test-build/src/config.h", line 45.39: 
1506-210 (S) The ## operator requires two operands.
"/home/grmcs454/gromacsdir/test-build/src/config.h", line 48.39: 
1506-210 (S) The ## operator requires two operands.

I checked cmake/CMakeLists.txt and '##' are put explicitly therefor they 
will be present with _
afterwards or without it, thus giving this error every time You put 
Power6 or Fortran option on.
As far as I understand.

> Only mdrun takes advantage of parallelism in GROMACS up to now. So the
> non-threads requirement is moot for a build focused on the tools.

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