[gmx-users] segmentation fault

Shine A shine.a at iisertvm.ac.in
Wed Dec 19 18:34:40 CET 2012


      I am doing membrane protein dynamics in lipid bilayer, using oplsaa
force field. When I am doing minimization after genion I getting message
like this
    Back Off! I just backed up ions_1.tpr.trr to ./#ions_1.tpr.trr.2#

   ack Off! I just backed up ions_1.tpr.edr to ./#ions_1.tpr.edr.2#

   Steepest Descents:
   Tolerance (Fmax)   =  1.00000e+03
   Number of steps    =        50000
   Segmentation fault
 Why this coming?I also tried mdrun -nt 1 -deffnm ions.Is it due to any
installation problem?I installed gromacs simply from the Ubuntu software
center.I searched in mailing list also.
Thanks in advance.

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