[gmx-users] Regarding Cluster g_cluster

Singam Karthick sikart21 at yahoo.in
Tue Feb 21 17:58:40 CET 2012

Dear all,
>I have done the clustering analysis using g_cluster, I got the 11 clusters i have used the cutoff of 0.4 nm, now i want to see how well the structure distributed in each clusters. I have got the middle structure of each clusters, Here i have given the cutoff of 0.4 nm, due to which there will be variation with the cluster. how to confirm that the how well the middle structure/representative structure actually represent the cluster population. If anyone explains this I would be happy. I searched gromacs  user mailing list but i could not find regarding this. if someone help me in this regard it is of great help
>Thank you
>E R Azhagiya singam
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