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dina dusti dinadusti at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 11:12:30 CET 2012

Dear Prof.

Thank you very much from your reply. 

My question about R(micelle)=(1.291)R(gyration) is that, what is cause of coefficient 1.29?
Yes, I saw one micelle that the tails of surfactants are into the micelle and heads are out of micelle visually (consist of 80 monomer). My results that I sent you are the results of g_rdf for tail with the center of mass of micelle and g_rdf for the last bead of tail to its own (for both of them I did g_rdf with options -b 100000 -e 300000, means time from micelle formation to end)  and I sent you just the first part of file and that file is for 300000 ps originally. My problem is about interpret for the first part of file that is representative of hole in the center of micelle or no, and is it our expectancy in gromacs?
My question about the center of mass of micelle is because of I want to know that is there the way for computation of radius of hole of the center of micelle?

Thank you very much again.

Best Regards
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