[gmx-users] How to compare two pdb files

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Dear Justin

Thanks for your explanation, but the problem is when the results are printed out on screen, we can see only the end part of it, as the window does not let us to see the whole output. Is there any way to solve this?


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On 6/16/12 9:06 AM, delara aghaie wrote:
> Dear Justin
> Ok,
> I looked at gmxcheck help. There is an option to have output in latex format
>   -m        doc.tex  Output, Opt. LaTeX file
> so I used this command line:
> gmxcheck -s1 nvt.tpr -s2 npt.tpr -m doc.tex
>   again I could see result on the screen but the expected doc.tex file did not
> come out?

When supplying both -s1 and -s2 (or other combinations like -f and -f2), you're telling gmxcheck to compare files.  If you want a .tex file printed out, you need to analyze only one .tpr file.


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