[gmx-users] Regarding g_tune_pme optimization

Venkat Reddy venkat4bt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 16:13:58 CET 2012

Dear all Gromacs users,

I have *two *questions:

1) I have been doing my simulation on a computer having 24
     processors. I issued *g_tune_pme -s *.tpr ........ -launch *command to
directly launch my *mdrun *with the optimized settings. At the end of
optimization, g_tune_pme has given -npme as *'0'*. My doubt is, how could
it be possible to get best performance without dedicated PME nodes?

2) What could be the optimum value for *-rcom *to get the best performance
on a super cluster (*i.e., 256 nodes*)?

Thanks in advance

With Best Wishes
Venkat Reddy Chirasani
PhD student
Laboratory of Computational Biophysics
Department of Biotechnology
IIT Madras

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