[gmx-users] 'Command not found' after installation

Nimmy McNimmerson nimzster at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 24 19:37:13 CEST 2013

Hello all,
I have been trying to get GROMACS (4.6.3) to work on my Mac (10.8.1). I downloaded the latest Intel C++ compilers and built Gromacs successfully (at least it appeared to be successful since I saw no error messages). I appended this line to my ~/.profile file: source /usr/local/gromacs/bin/GMXRC.bash, and restarted my terminal. Still, every time I type in a GROMACS command, such as "luck," it says "command not found." f I do echo $GMXDATA, it does return /usr/local/gromacs/share/gromacs, though.

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